The Balsam Fir

I’ve never entered a story contest before. This year I learned that the amazing  Susannah Leonard Hill presents an annual Christmas story contest. You can find how to enter here:  I’ve entered 2 stories – Mindy’s Holiday Treats earlier this week and this one, The Balsam Fir:

The Balsam Fir

©2015 Yvona Fast  (303 words)


Standing among the other trees in the Boreal forest

The Balsam fir listened to the distant chorus.


Its branches pointed up high

Stretching to the star-lit sky


Where angel choirs sang with joy

About the birth of one special boy.


Church bells loudly rang,

As carolers Christmas songs sang.


This was the time of joy and mirth

Celebrating the Savior’s birth.


The fir stretched its branches to the sky

Watching the birds as they flew by


Heading south for warmer clime

They would return in the springtime.


Through the woods traveled a sleigh

With people merrily on their way


Seeking just the right fir tree

To fill their home with holiday glee.


The fir was sad to leave the wood

Where it had for so long stood


Watching squirrels romp and birds sing

While waiting for the warmth of spring.


What awaited her as she was dragged through the snow?

Where were they taking her? She didn’t know.


They arrived at a house, lit up bright,

Twinkling with colorful Christmas light.


“What a beautiful tree! Let’s decorate! “

The tree was set up. The children couldn’t wait!


Soon she was decked out, with colorful balls,

Lights, ornaments, glitter,  glistening in the hall.


Then the kittens found her. What joy! Let’s play!

Climbing the tree is fun, it’s gay!


Climbing the Christmas tree in the room

Until the people heard a big boom!


The poor tree, knocked down, lay on the floor.

“We’ll have to tie her and adjust the décor.”


The kitties still batted the ornaments ‘round,

But the tree stood tall without a sound.


It’s branches drooping with the weight

Of decorations humble and great.


Sharing its splendor, gay and bright

With all who wonder at the sight.


Shining brightly in the night

Reminding us of God’s eternal Light.




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  1. Jennavive says:

    very nice Yvonna! I can’t find a follow button so if you comment back, I can follow you when I get the notification.

  2. Jennavive says:

    very nice Yvonna! 🙂

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