Eggplant & veggies sauteeingWell, we had bought eggplant ‘reduced for quick sale’ at the supermarket. We had a busy day, so decided to make shakshuka.

Shakshuka is a simple dish of eggs poached in a bed of sautéed vegetables. It originated in Tunisia and is a staple in many North African countries, like Egypt, Algeria and Libya. The dish has become popular throughout the Mediterranean region, with different ethnic variants. There are just 2 compulsory ingredients: eggs and tomatoes. In Israel, tomatoes, peppers and onions are most common. In Bulgaria, cheese is added, while in some countries it is made with lamb sausage.  It can incorporate many different vegetables, from eggplant or zucchini to potatoes, fava beans or artichoke hearts. It’s usually quite spicy, seasoned with chili peppers and cumin as well as garlic and onions. Traditionally, this one-dish meal is served right in the cast iron skillet in which it was cooked. Bread is used to mop up the extra sauce. This milder version is made with eggplant.



When you cook shakshuka a long time, it becomes very saucy. But for tonight’s supper, since we didn’t have time for all the veggies to melt together, we left them chunky – chunks of eggplant, chunks of tomato, I added mushrooms and peppers to it too, since we had them on hand. It turned out pretty good.


For the recipe, see my book, Garden Gourmet, on p.

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