Salads with wild greens

So this week in the garden i was helping Mom put up fences. Fences for peas to climb on, for tomatoes, etc. And it got me thinking about all the garden bounty to come… all the deliciousness!

cuke fence & cold frame

We jut finished our last bag of  green beans and last box of strawberries from the freezer. And the only things growing in the garden are weeds … dandelion greens, sorrel, chickweed…Dandelion

Yes, as Mom weeds these from the garden soil before planting, I’ve been able to add these and make delicious grain salads, like the Wild Greens & Quinoa Salad on p. 23 of Garden Gourmet: Fresh & Fabulous Meals from your Garden, CSA or Farmers’ Market. But i’m dreaming of spring crops soon to come.

Spinach, lettuce, scallions and radishes have been planted already and will be ready for harvest in a few weeks. Chives and parsley are beginning to come out of the ground. Today Mom planted sugar snap, snow, and English peas. These are the true superfoods of spring! And i can’t wait for them… starting with the Asparagus.

Spring Planting

In the meantime, i made a slightly different version of the Quinoa & Wild Greens salad… i added beans this time, dry beans i’d soaked and cooked, white and pinto. The greens were wild leeks we’d gathered in the beech woods, dandelions and sorrel from our garden, and some coltsfoot flowers growing along my neighbor’s driveway. I also added olives, pickles, and sweet red & yellow bell peppers for color.

Quinoa & wild Greens Salad

I brought a huge bowl of this to the Faith and Ecology group potluck. It’s not that large of a group, so i thought i’d have lots to take home! But Father Paul quietly asked, Uhm… i have containers in my car… is it OK if i take some home? So of course i said yes…


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