Happy Fourth!

I’m back home, back from my travels and book selling tour, back to walking every day with ‘my boys’. Field of summer wildflowers with 2 black dogsIt had rained at night and was still raining when I awoke. By 7, the rain had stopped but the woods were quite soggy, so I went up the road. I only intended to go as far as the tracks, but the air was cool, the bugs were few, there was no traffic on this holiday morning, and the walk felt great so I kept going up the hill. Then the air warmed up and the bugs came out – mostly mosquitoes, with a few black flies and deer flies. As I approached the first house on the right a car passed us, and I decided to turn around and head home.DSCN7384


I did pick up 3 cans – my church is collecting them as money towards the roof fund. The first, a large Budweiser beer, was red white and blue with stars & stripes and reminded me of what day today is. All in all, besides those and a few cigarette packs, there was not much garbage along the road, which I was happy to see. I think someone is cleaning it up, probably the college kids from Gordon at La Vida for the summer.DSCN7389

There were some beautiful wildflowers along the road – daisies, DSCN7385milkweed, red clover, and others as well. Most of the milkweed pods were open and purple, but I did find a few green, closed buds to collect and add to our dinner stir fry later. I’ll also add some clover blossoms. DSCN7387A quick shower did dampen us before we got home.






Back home, i made an omelet for breakfast with scapes & scallions from our garden, and some red clover blooms that i’d gathered on my walk.DSCN7391





It is supposed to clear, and my friend is coming later today to share a holiday paddle & dinner, then fireworks tonight.

Yvona canoeing

Yvona canoeing

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