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So it’s been a while since i’ve posted… I’ve been cooking all the time! Cooking, helping Mom in the garden, selling my cookbook at various venues… life’s busy.

The past 2 days have been hot and we’ve been eating salads. Yesterday i used the bok choy we bought Saturday at the farmers’ market and made an oriental chicken salad with bok choy, raisins, diced cooked chicken, scallions and a dressing of soy sauce, sunflower oil and rice vinegar. Today i made a salad with pea shoots from our garden, to which i added 1 beet I’d roasted a couple days ago, asparagus and arugula from our garden, some wild leeks (from the freezer), quinoa, barley, and white beans, a little feta cheese and a couple chopped hard cooked eggs from a nearby farm. It was dressed with a light balsamic vinaigrette.pea shoot salad with grain and beans and veggies

Here’s the asparagus quiche i made Memorial Day when it was cool enough to bake. It was very light; I used 4 eggs and cottage cheese in the filling, with just a little sharp Cheddar on top. And a potato crust.

asparagus quiche

We’ve been eating lots of asparagus! Of course there was some in today’s pea shoot salad. One of the easiest, fastest ways to serve it is in these simple sandwiches:                                                                                                             Asparagus Sandwishc


Another simple, favorite way to eat asparagus is with eggs, sprinkled with chives, like in this picture. The eggs are soft boiled. You drizzle a little butter on the asparagus, add the egg, sprinkle on some chives… Simple deliciousness:

Asparagus with eggs

You can also make a simple frittata, served with potatoes. Asparagus frittata and potatoes

And yes, asparagus is King this time of year but we’ve also had a few other dishes… like sorrel soup with potatoes, sorrel soup & potatoes

sunchoke casserole with ramps,

Sunchoke Casserole w ramps                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   another casserole with squash, beets, sausage and apples,

 Casserole squash beets apple sausage

and yes, a roasted asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke and potato casserole.Roast asparagus sunchoke & potato casserole I could go on… we’ve had so many delicious things, i’ve meant to post but, with the recipes, but just haven’t found the time…



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