Gardening Season has arrived

Well the ski season is over… my last skiing adventure was the Saturday before Palm Sunday. Then Easter came and went, with sunrise services. (Read: Greet Easter Dawn with Outdoor Services). There’s still a little snow in the woods, but it’s going fast. DSCN7074And gardening season has begun.

Now, i’m not much of a gardener… I prefer to be out hiking in the woods or paddling in my boat on a quiet lake. But my mom is. She’s 83, and she’s a Master Gardener Volunteer. and we live together, so i do what i can to help out. Even if a bit grudgingly.

I must admit that i do like to eat – and cook with – what the garden provides. And Mom always reminds me that it’s better than going to the gym – and that no one got a tomato or a radish by going to the gym. In fact, you have to pay for a gym membership.

Last week i was bringing bags and bags of manure from the shed to the garden on the garden cart. Probably 50 of them, and there’s still more in the shed.

Today’s task was raking the pine needles off the asparagus bed. DSCN7118So that, hopefully, in a few weeks we can have some fresh asparagus. The needles are there as a winter mulch, to hold the soil and keep the ground a little warmer. But now they need to go, so the asparagus can come through easier. I filled 7 bags with pine needles; took me a couple hours. raking 2It was sunny, with a nice breeze so it was fairly pleasant work.

And my dog Fred kept me company.DSCN7123

So did i find any asparagus? NO. But beneath the needles were some fresh & tender dandelion greens. We’ll be eating them for supper.


DSCN7120And Mom?

She’s already tilled part of the garden. And she’s planting spinach, lettuce, arugula and radishes.


And here’s a basket of sunchoke tubers that she dug today, for supper:


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