Fried “Rice”

So today i made fried rice. I was going to use the broccoli for something else, but then i saw the pot in the fridge with leftovers from the other day: grain, turkey, sauce…

So i got out the skillet, cooked up an onion & mushrooms in a little fat, then added the frozen broccoli – i had to cut the big pieces – and a few frozen carrots which i also cut into smaller chunks. I let that cook until the broccoli was thawed and still a little crisp. Then i added a clove of minced garlic and a little fresh ginger, and some soy sauce. In the end, i stirred in the leftovers, then cracked 2 eggs and stirred them in, covered and let it cook until everything was hot and the eggs were cooked. It took me less than 30 minutes and dinner was on the table!

This photo didn’t come out great because the dish was still hot & steam was rising. But it will have to do.

Fried "rice"The grain isn’t actually rice – it is cracked barley. But you can make fried ‘rice’ with any grain.

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