Don’t ask me…

Often, people ask me questions I cannot answer. These include:

  • Asking me where things are. I never know where anything is.
  • What someone looks like. I usually don’t notice and cannot describe people I’ve met. When I was a child, my mom couldn’t even get me to tell her if someone I met at school was black, white or purple.
  • Whether something changed, like if I noticed someone cut down a tree at your house or whether you rearranged the furniture. I tend to be oblivious to my surroundings and may not have noticed. On the plus side, I also won’t notice if your home is not tidy or spic and span clean.
  • Directions. I often don’t know how to get somewhere, even when I’ve been there before. I just don’t remember, and rely on GPS.
  • How old was I when Well, I often don’t remember. I have a poor sense of time.
  • Don’t ask me what you should wear… I usually don’t know what I should wear, much less you. I have a terrible sense of fashion and what is appropriate for various events.

Because I have NLD, nonverbal learning disorder, I tend to be oblivious to my surroundings and unable to answer questions like those listed above. So please don’t get upset when I can’t answer these questions. There are lots of other questions that I can answer well. Like how to spell something, for example. Or questions about cooking, nutrition or health.


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