City vs. country

I’ve been thinking about the differences between urban and rural environments. After a week in Warsaw, Olsztyn is like a breath of fresh air. There, everything moved quickly, there was always a lot to do and not much time. Here, the pace is much slower. Admittedly, i’m also in the company of an older, retired couple rather than working adults my own age. But here there is more opportunity to take quiet walks, etc. And things just move slower…

Footbridge in Olsztyn

Footbridge in Olsztyn

I live in the Adirondacks, and likewise it is a slower pace than New York city or even suburban New Jersey. In the cities, there are always crowds, people everywhere. In Warsaw everywhere I went I saw people and more people. The buses and trams were crowded. Even walks in city parks were full of people. Not here… yes, of course I run into others walking the streets but it is much less.

in Warsaw's old town

in Warsaw’s old town

I think for me, with Asperger’s, I prefer the slower country pace to the hectic life of the city.

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