Mindy’s Holiday Treats

Mindy’s Holiday Treats

©2015 Yvona Fast  (344 words)


Looking at wonders at the holiday fair

Mindy’s eyes were wide. She could only stare.


There were so many toys, so many things,

Hats and mittens, boxes and rings.


Santa was there. Mindy told him her wish

She wanted a pup – but Mom gave her fish.


And oh! The treats! There was candy and fudge,

She wanted a cookie – but Mom wouldn’t budge.


“It costs too much to buy treats here.

You’ll have to wait ‘til Christmas, my dear.”


“I want my treats now! I want them right here!

I don’t want to wait! Where’s your holiday cheer?”


Tears rolled down Mindy’s red face.

“I want it now! Right here! In this place!”


Mama hugged Mindy in a big embrace.

“Oh child. Let’s go. You’ll bring me disgrace.”


“You know, my dear, we can make these ourselves!”

Mindy agreed: “We’ll get help from the elves!”


So off they hurried back to the car,

Mindy wishing upon that lone star.


High in the sky, the star shone bright

All the way home, through the dark night.


Mindy fell asleep on the way home,

Dreaming of treats and honeycomb.


In the morning the sun shone bright,

Filling the room with rays of light.


Mindy arose. She went downstairs

Thinking about the fair and the wares.


She asked, “Can we make treats today?”

Mama said, “First let’s eat breakfast, then we’ll play.”


Over to Grandma’s house we’ll go,

She’ll help you make cookies from dough.”


Baking in the kitchen with grandma was fun!

Mindy helped make fudge, cookies, even a bun!


Grandma cut apples for apple bread

While Mindy measured and Mama read


The recipe so they could get it right

The correct temperature in Fahrenheit.


With cranberries, apples, nuts galore

Mindy stirred and stirred – who needed more?


But more there was – there was so much to do:

Making cookies and fudge, and even fondue!


Decorating the house, setting up the tree,

Colorful lights for all to see!


Preparing for the holiday is work – not play,

But we can have fun along the way.


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