Being Frank : A children’s story

This is the first time I have reviewed a book on this blog, but Being Frank – written by Donna Earnhardt, illustrated by Andrea Castellani, published by Flashlight Press – is a gem of a book that would help many kids on the spectrum. It’s a wild and wacky story of a little boy who is just “too frank” and must learn to balance his honesty with tact.

This picture book (grades K – 2) uses humor to teach kids that being brutally honest is not always the best policy. Kids on the spectrum often have problems with white lies and have a tendency to be too blunt. In this cute picture book, Frank’s Grandfather shows him how to tell the truth without hurting people’s feelings. This book gently teaches the art of diplomacy and how to speak the truth with tact and love. The colorful, retro-style cartoonish illustrations add to the fun.

A full pdf of the book is available here:

Hard copies are available for purchase.


Talk about a time when being too frank was a problem for you or someone you know with NLD AS or other autism spectrum disorder.
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