Glaucoma testing and Non-Verbal Learning Disability

Once we get over 50, optometrists perform routine tests for glaucoma. Two of the most common are the Visual field test that evaluates side vision and Tonometry, measures the pressure inside your eye after numbing your eyes with drops. It’s usually the initial screening test for glaucoma. The Visual Field … Continue reading

Many hands make light work

Last night I was one of several individuals who got together to prepare 25o lbs. of Butternut Squash for the turkey dinner sponsored by the  First United Methodist Church in Saranac Lake on Election Day. Yes, it’s still a ways to election day, but the squash can be cooked in advance and frozen.

Here’s just some of the squash that had to be prepared:

Mountains of squash!

First, it had to be cut open, seeds scraped out,  and peeled:

Squash cut Peeling squash






cutting squash




Putting cut squash into bowl

 It had to be cut up:





and cooked…



draining sqash




then cooled, and mashed





mashing the squash

Then the squash was put in bags and frozen until needed for the big Election Day dinner.

It was a lot of work, but with lots of folks helping it got done pretty quick!

There were many bags of waste – peeings and innards / sees – which will hopefully go to a guy who can feed them to his pigs, or be composted.