3 Quiches

So we had company… and I made 3 quiches.


I’m experimenting with g/f crusts beyond my traditional potato nest, which i love. I made one from quinoa. It was OK but i still like the potato nest better.

Quiche crustsOn the right is the quinoa crust, the potato nests are on the left.

This time of year, the veggies were all from our freezer.

Here i am steaming the kale and the broccoli. The peas are in the middle – i just thawed them a little and put them in.


One quiche was with ham and peas. This is before the eggs went in, just the peas & ham in the crust.









DSCN6977Here’s the broccoli & mushroom quiche.



And last but not lest, the kale & tomato quiche.


I beat up the eggs with cottage cheese in a large bowl.

DSCN6965It was a lot of eggs for all 3 quiches – a whole dozen! 

Here’s one with the egg & cheese on top of the veggies, before they went in the oven:


This was the kale & tomato one.

Here are all 3 quiches in the oven:

3 quiches

Here’s the salad we had with the quiches. And cheesecake was for dessert.


It was a great feast and everyone had a great time.

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